Survey of Vessel Wall Imaging (VWI)

The European Society of Neuroradiology - Diagnostic and Interventional (ESNR) conducts a survey of Vessel Wall Imaging (VWI).


Vessel wall imaging is increasingly used for the investigation and differential diagnosis of extra and intracranial vascular disease and provides information not available with other techniques. At present there is, however, a wide variation in the indications, implementations and techniques used for VWI between centres.


The aim is to capture the current state of VWI MRI across institutions in Europe. This will enable us to identify potential obstacles to the implementation of VWI imaging, and to highlight any needs for educational and technical support, which can be addressed with future training events. The survey will also be helpful to advance standardisation of this technique. Finally, we hope that it will facilitate identifying people who are interested in joining collaborative networks and multi-centre research groups.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

>> The link can be found here.